Anne Elliott Photography | About
So what could I tell you about me? Well…I’m an artist at heart. Always have been. I get great satisfaction from my craft, and love to put my creative heart into a lot of things I do. I love to cook! I LOVE to eat. I love lifting weights, swimming, riding my bike and running. Fitness has grown into a HUGE passion for me.  I love a good cup of coffee on a cold morning. I'm a whiskey girl, and love learning new craft small whiskey brands. I love the sound of rain on the roof. I love sunset, and the smell of a wood burning fire in the winter. I love sunshine, and the feel of sand between my toes while listening to the ocean. I sing along in the car and at my computer, and often dance when I clean the house. I love the vibrancy of color, and the simplicity of black and white. I find myself fascinated by the details. The striations on a flower petal, a water droplet on a leaf, whiskers on a dog, and the rust on a car.

What I want for you…….
I want you to enjoy your day, event, or your session with me. I want it to be about you. I want you to have a good time, and maybe even for a moment…. forget I’m there. Be yourself! Have fun! Laugh, play, hug and kiss your loved ones. I want your photos to capture you! So I ask that you tell me about you. Bring props. Challenge me! By getting to know you I am better able to capture your unique beauty and personality. I look forward to meeting you and capturing your special images.