Anne Elliott Photography: Blog en-us (C) Anne Elliott Photography 2014 (Anne Elliott Photography) Sun, 11 Jun 2017 12:42:00 GMT Sun, 11 Jun 2017 12:42:00 GMT Anne Elliott Photography: Blog 80 120 I might just be a beach bum If someone asked me my favorite place to go, the answer is always "the beach!" Without any hesitation.  While there are many places in this world that I would love to see, there is only one place that I truly love to be to recharge my batteries and sooth my weary soul.  I was fortunate enough this year to travel to Indian Shores.  A small town near bustling Clearwater, Florida. Would you believe I almost didn't pack my camera?  We were traveling by plane and I worry about getting my gear through security.  Especially since I still have one kiddo that needs assistance maneuvering her own backpack for the plane ride.  However when I realized I would be on the west coast of Florida and I'd have an opportunity to photograph sunset over The Gulf of Mexico, without question I was going to take my camera body and just ONE lens. An exercise in: minimal gear usage.

Due to storms over the gulf, there was really only one evening that the Sun played somewhat fair.  But about an hour spent with only my camera, playing on the beach, and I have to say I'm very pleased with all my images.  There are a couple that I even duplicated and edited differently.  These are a few of my favorites....

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Cars N Coffee - The April Edition I'm actually sitting here laughing at myself for my procrastination.  Or maybe it was more timely fashion...oh well, either way NOT like me to take so long to blog some photos.  It was another spectacular Spring Day here in Dallas, and the cars came out in spectacular fashion.  As usual, lot was full, and the aisles crawling with oodles of car fans and experts. Here's a little tease of the goodness.  If you like what you see, hit the link Cars N Coffee April 2017 to view the full gallery.



















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CarsNCoffee March 2017 Today was a good day.  After a much needed break from camera work and creative life, I got my booty back in gear to keep shooting what I love.  No better way to hit the reset than with a trip to Cars N Coffee.  The monthly extravaganza put on by Classic BMW in Plano, Texas. Always a good time.  Lots of cars in every genre, and typically plenty of details to pour over.  Here are some of my favorites from the day.

This was a super sick, blacked out Camaro.  Amazing and ultra sexy....

Black Like The Night


If you ever come with me to a car show, you will very quickly learn that I'm a huge fan of patina.  A car with natural patina has a story to tell.  Perhaps it's been repaired a bit but it's natural colors remain.  Chatting with another photographer today I decided patina is almost like a cars natural tattoos or akin to wrinkles. It leaves so much to the imagination. 



One of my favorites from today came from an amazing custom hot rod Paddy Wagon.  

The devil is always in the details for me and this image hit the mark square on the head.



I leave you with a bit of puppy love...cause who doesn't love a cute 4 month old puppy....


If you like what you see, check out more at the following link:  Cars N Coffee March 2017

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Holiday Photo Kickoff - Padron Family Can I just gush about how beautiful this mama is??!!  My dear friend Melanie is so gorgeous both inside and out. And she has these 3 handsome blessings that she's raising.  She has a house of boys, and I have a house of girls.  No wonder we both need coffee.  




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Clown Problem Diminished - T$A Kit Shoot I have to start by saying this was one of the most fun and creative photo shoots I've done in a while.  The brain child was Mr. Peaches himself of Team $uper Awesome.  And, I have to the words of his wife this kit is "so disco". Funny thing is, after this shoot...I really did hear less about clowns.  Maybe word got around...LOL


This last edit I did a little extra post work.  My goal was to create a little more "serial killer" aka creepy feel.  I think it was achieved.

Happy Halloween Y'all!!

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Joe & Hallie Engaged! - Fort Worth Joe & Hallie! These two were just too much fun!  They had a way of laughing at everything and nothing at all. And it was hard to not find yourself laughing along with them.  :)












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A lesson from nature I've never made it any mystery that I LOVE... LUV... LOOOOOVE... the details... the things people miss.  The things that may seem so minuscule yet speak volumes about this world around us.  Seeing beyond the surface is a gift.  One that can be both a blessing and a curse, because I see it every where...I see it in people too.  I had a client over the weekend in Fort Worth.  Engagements! And what a fun and funny couple they were.  I'll be finishing their edits this week, and ya'll (yes I typed ya'll - I'm Texan ;) )  AH HEM Ya'll will be getting some really cute peeks of this couple soon.  But.... I digress...back to the lesson from nature.........


I arrived early to the location, as I had never been.  Crazy I know..36, lived here my whole life,  and I've never been to the Ft Worth Water Gardens. They have 3 pools, but the pool that struck me most visually was not the active pool that you see in photos frequently.  It was the quiet pool.  I'm a weirdo...I know.  I accepted it long ago.  What makes this place so the stillness...the quietness(less the patrons), and the proof of perseverance all around. Nature has an amazing way of pushing where it wants to go and grow.


Maybe that's the lesson it's always trying to teach us. If we hold back our true potential, do we ever really know the greatness that we have in us? We all grow but so often we fear change. That fear of change holds us back, and keeps us in our "shell".  Nature doesn't necessarily know these bounds.  It has nothing to fear. Roots push from between man made structures, branches grow, and water flows.



And in that life abounds.


Step into the water of new life. Reach beyond your means. Grow! Learn! Color outside the lines! Love without walls! Live out loud!

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3 Years...So Fast So if you don't like sappy posts, you probably should just stop reading now.  For the rest of you...I'm going to get a little sappy today. I just got home from end of the year songs and lunch at my youngest daughters preschool. I can't believe 3 years has passed so quickly.

From this tiny baby....



To this little cutie when she was 1....

And now we are 3! 

We sing ABC's, and count in English and Spanish. We sing along to "girl songs" aka Carrie Underwood or any song that is sung by a female artist.  We color, paint, play dolls, love barbies, and legos.  She adores her big sister...even when sister is antagonizing her. Happy 95% of the time.  And in typical Texas girl better watch out for that other 5%. Happy summer big girl! I can't wait to see how you grow in the next year.


Love you to the moon and back!


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Art Available for Immediate Purchase Black Friday SALE!!! All images marked with their original price. Black Friday any of the below in stock images for $250. $250!!!!! That's an amazing deal. Image must be selected and paid for by December 1st. Remember Small Business Saturday is November 28th. Shop local! Shop small business. Support creative dreamers.


"Our Place""Our Place"

"Our Place" on 20"x30" Canvas - $350

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"Wash Over Me""Wash Over Me" "Wash Over Me" on 24" x 26" Canvas - $400

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Also just a reminder, almost ANY photo on my website is available for purchase in a print or as a digital copy with usage rights. If you have a need for specialty or decorative photography, and don't see what you are looking for, I am available to photograph commissioned works.

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Fall Booking Special Hey there friends and fans!

Fall senior and family photo special! Book your space now to get you photos done before the holiday rush.

Good on any session booked through November 30, 2015.


2 Hours on location

Private viewing gallery

Edited images on USB drive or sent via DropBox with photo release.



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Rebecca's Bridals At long last I can share Rebecca's bridals.  Rebecca is the vision of a classic vintage bride. Simple and very elegant dress that was made by her mother. Classy details. We did her bridal portraits on the Lovers Lane United Methodist Campus in April.  The weather cooperated giving us the necessary break from rain with beautiful sunlight, gorgeous green and blooms, and temperatures that were survivable. Such a beautiful bride!


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Zac & Abby Friday I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful wedding. Have I ever mentioned how blessed I am by the rewards of this talent?  Well, if not...I am. Completely thankful for wonderful opportunities to grow. Zac & Abby's wedding was romantic and full of joy. The guests truly enjoyed themselves. Cross Creek Ranch in Parker, TX produces a beautiful event.  Definitely a venue worth considering. Congratulations and best wishes to Zac & Abby as they start their new life together in Germany.


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Art Available for Immediate Purchase Hello my lovies! I thought I'd take a moment to put together a list of current inventory art that is available for immediate purchase.


"Our Place""Our Place"

"Our Place" on 20"x30" Canvas - $350



"Shifted" on 20" x 30" Metal print - $300


"Light of Love""Light of Love" "Light of Love" on 24" x 36" Metal Print - $350


"Wash Over Me""Wash Over Me" "Wash Over Me" on 24" x 26" Canvas - $400


"Motionless Flight""Motionless Flight" "Motionless Flight" on 24"x36" Canvas - $400


"The Pier""The Pier" "The Pier" on 24"x36" Thin Canvas - $300


"Hands""Hands" "Work Hands" on 20"x30" Canvas - $350


"Fine Arts""Fine Arts" "Fine Arts" on 20"x30" Metal Print - $300


Also just a reminder, almost ANY photo on my website is available for purchase in a print or as a digital copy with usage rights. If you have a need for specialty or decorative photography, and don't see what you are looking for, I am available to photograph commissioned works.

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Best of 2014 I took a moment to collect some of the best images of 2014. At least the ones that stood out to me. There were so many, and a lot I haven't even uploaded yet. Enjoy...

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The TT Originally I thought I would wait to share any of these images, but I can't help my excitement about how this project is coming together. Over the summer I asked a friend if I could shoot some images of him on his TT (time trial) bike.  I wanted some scenic locations.  Just for fun to build my skills.  What since transpired is a longer project that will be put together next spring. But until then...I thought I'd give you a couple teasers.



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Night Life! I took an adventure walk recently in downtown McKinney after dark.  I'll admit I felt a bit un-inspired but I captured a few images.  I kept it short, and concise.  However, after editing through the images realized there is more there than I thought.  Maybe I was just tired.  Maybe I need a fellow creative to feed off of.  But, I think after seeing this image, "night life" photography will be getting more exercise soon.  


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LUCK!! I'm very excited to announce my new display at Luck in Trinity Groves!  Looking forward to a great partnership with one of the best gastropubs in Dallas.  Go check it out!  Have some awesome food, and drink a local craft beer.  If you like what you see...It's for sale.  I also have many other images that can be purchased as commissioned works.  

Photo Courtesy of Luck



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Seniors - Nikki O. - Class of 2014 I write this blog with much excitement as I felt like I got my groove back, but a little twinge of sadness too.  This gorgeous beauty on my blog today is the best babysitter a mom could ask for.  I love her to pieces and so do my girls. So I'll start this blog first with a little throw back image to a couple years ago.  This was somewhere around 2011-2012.  Miss Nikki hadn't babysat for me long, and I needed a model to work on my craft.  Nikki happily volunteered. :)


So flash forward to about a week ago, and we were off again to shoot her SENIOR PICTURES! I can't believe it.  Thankfully she is not going too far away and I'll still be able to get my favorite babysitter once in a while.  But I digress...

We set off to one of my favorite spots, and then a giant adventure.  I have a couple abandoned railroad tracks that play as a very fun backdrop, and this day was no exception.  With glorious rays of sunshine peeping through the trees, and a slight bit of a breeze to give us that super model look. After our stop at the two train track locations we were starting to meander to our other destination when we came upon the perfect place to pull over and hop into a field of growing grain.  Full sun and all it made for a gorgeous backdrop.  

After a brief stop to let the sun go down a bit, and grab a cold iced tea we went to our final planned stop on this trip.  I hatched the idea to take advantage of the dry lake beds, and tree stumps.  After a few weeks of exploring I located the perfect place to access a lake bed and get some trees in the images.  It did not disappoint!! I'm not telling where but if you buy a shoot, and feel adventurous...I'll take you there if the rain hasn't filled it up yet. ;)




























The lake bed truly was an adventure. More art minded images from that in another blog coming soon. But, I will say this...a bit spongier than it appears at first glance, and be cautious to carry anything you'd be afraid to lose into the depths of the earth. Teehee.  We didn't lose anything thankfully.  

Oh, and I almost forgot...This young lady was a member of the very awesome Wylie East Lady Raider Soccer Team that played for the state championship.  State!  That's huge!  It was so exciting to cheer them on their journey.











On our way back there was just enough light, and Nikki wanted to grab her dog, Ruby for a few quick shots at the park near her house.  What a joy to see her bond with Ruby.



Last but definitely not least we tried something, and this is one of my favorite images.  The simplicity.  A girl, and her dog....all grown up.  

Congratulations Nikki!  You earned it.  I know you will make us all proud.  Your mama, Christy, raised a beautiful young woman.  I can't wait to see where your college journey takes you.  





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Cars N Coffee - March 2014 On the first saturday of the month, year round, you can find one of the greatest gatherings of motorized vehicles in the DFW area.  Old to new.  Rusted to fully restored.  Many men and a few women bring out the pride of their garage to show, share, and socialize.  Held in the parking lot of Classic BMW in Plano.  And yes...there is coffee.  I've even seen giant grilled kielbasa being devoured at 9am.  Why not? A man has to eat... right?

I'll start this week with a little bit of rusted love.  This lovely VW was rusted and it was clear the owner planned to keep it that way.  Quaint and preserved.  Cars like this have a story.  If only they could tell it.  Delightful dents.  Logo antiqued like only time could preserve.  Yellowed headlights.  A rusted cargo rack on to...complete with a rusty gas can.  This little bug had the whole package.












Now we will shift to something a little more current.  Though I don't have a full frame shot for you this week.  In sweet time my dear fans and readers.  The 2014 Corvette was definitely the remodel that was needed to re-energize a vehicle that lives at long last in the hearts of all car lovers.  In recent years the Corvette had fallen almost stale in its styling.  The new model took a queue from its european counterparts and once again I find myself in love with a vehicle that should stand the test of time.


My love or maybe lust for this car varies across the year models but the 2014 is definitely back on my "must own one day" list. On this fine foggy and slightly overcast morning I had several to look at and enjoy.  Many of the detail shots featured today are of a Cyber Gray Metallic beauty of my new friend, Randy.  Randy is a wildlife photographer.  We found common interest in hobby and car selection.  Randy was kind enough to share with me some of the finer details of the 2014 Corvette.


One such amazing detail is the usage of the trademark cross flags in multitude about the car.  So many and yet so finely done in a subtle manner that you may not even notice their appearance.

Some details you have to look very deep into the eyes of the beast to find...

For it isn't until you change your perspective and look closer that you see this charming detail....

The story behind the hidden cross flags on the head lamp assembly is interesting.  The original design and build of the head lamp assembly includes an LED light behind these cross flags.  In the first models rolled off the line a LED light would shine up through the cross flags projecting the image into the air.  If you are parking in a garage you can see the image on the ceiling. While driving, the light simply shined up in the sky as a light indicator on the vehicle.  When models rolled off the line, DOT determined they felt this indicator posed a vision hazard for the driver, and required them to put a piece between the LED and the lens blocking the LED from shining through it. The housing remains as designed, and I'm sure someone will eventually open that baby up and modify the housing to reveal it's true design.  The details are what make this beauty great.  Just things that make my heart pitter patter.

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Prestridge Anniversary I had the great honor of photographing the anniversary celebration for the Prestridge's in November.  It was a beautiful night, and it was a surprise for them planned by their beautiful children.  The venue was the Frisco Heritage Center.  It was a beautiful autumn Friday night filled with love, laughs, and food.


Gorgeous Fall Colors

Warm candlelight

Beautiful and delicious cake by Frost It Cafe in Frisco.

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